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A Message from Caldwell Fitness


Have you picked your mantle to break barriers? Pick it, go break them. Too long but noteworthy.

This morning at a grocery shop (not in Minneapolis, but in Kampala) a lady has approached me smiling and happy of course wanting to shake hands with me. She started from a distance, you man, we are so proud of you, we are sure you will bring us a golden medal one day. For us people from Northern Uganda that's what we are, that's our sport. What's your name by the way. I replied, I am Kannyeke Kenneth Caldwell, nice to meet and thanks for the positive vibes. Still grinning, she reminded me that, that name is not for people from the north and I must be from the central (a Muganda). She continued as she questioned about how then I have the name Caldwell on me, its not for Africans. I narrated to her that this name is from my great people. Alright then, she added. Then how comes you run that much yet your a Muganda, running is for Sebei and Kalenjin from Kenya. Well, she is not the first neither the 100th to ask me this same question, and she won't be the last. I had a lot to preach to her about possibilities in life. I reminded her how her small grocery shop can be a huge super market in the near future.


No matter what size, race, looks, social and economic status, you have that untapped talent, untapped strength and untapped wisdom. You have the audacity to do or even do more than what people do not expect from you. At all stages of our struggles, we have barriers and most of them are not physical barriers but emotional (such as I can't do that, that for so and so) You need the mantle to dismantle all these barriers and look forward with optimism.

Pick your mantle today.

Coach Ken is one of Uganda's greatest and most sought fitness instructors. You too can join Caldwell fitness simply by engaging online using the following contact methods


Whatsapp: +256 787 619087


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