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Mrs. Julie Crawford

Senior Travel Organizer

Mrs. Julie Crawford is the favorite of the Reckless Travelers, which comes as no surprise. Birthing the Reckless Travelers from scratch when it was only an idea, she made herculean efforts to bring her and her husband's dreams as world travelers into fruition by bringing about the Reckless Travelers platform, later establishing it as a business under J-Travels Ltd.  Since then, no matter the client’s requirements, she has handled their travel planning quickly and efficiently with her vast knowledge, experience, and vast network developed throughout her life in Uganda. As a Kampala native, she has always been sure to provide her Clients the best Uganda has to offer!


Mr. Sterling D. M. Crawford

Family Travel Agent

Sterling specializes in planning Logistics for trips suited to each client's needs and knows how to deliver great value. As an incredible Family Travel Agent, Sterling bridges the gap between US clients and their African organizers for every trip so they fit each client perfectly. Sterling is a seasoned traveler with African travels being his current focal point.

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