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J-Travels Ltd. is here to help plan an experience you’ll never forget. Founded in 2019 and established in 2020, we are a premier Travel Organizing Agency, Centrally based in Kampala Uganda and operated throughout the US and Africa. We take care of all the details so you can get straight to the fun. Get in touch to learn more.

All of our Patrons who opt to have their travel organized directly by J-Travels or its' suborganization(s) can be sure that we are bound by US policy, laws, and guidelines for privacy and security. We take this into consideration on an international scale using our many years of international travel experience. While Reckless Travelers does advertise publicly upcoming trips, participant activity is not made public unless by request of the participants.

J-Travels Ltd. / Reckless Travelers (suborganization) Association, listed and partner organizations are their own separate entities and are under no ownership or legally binding contracts with J-Travels Ltd. Or Reckless Travelers.

Reckless Travelers updates it's listing regularly for public viewing and referencing of partner organizations in but not limited to Continental Africa. All patrons are advised. Travelers are most likely pioneering African organizations other Reckless Travelers have not yet utilized and are highly encouraged to leave honest reviews with photos for other travelers. Payment efficiency, promptness of communication, customer service, security, privacy measures, safety, and overall trip quality of listed and partner organizations have not not been fully  assessed by J-Travels Ltd.