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Reckless Travelers Privacy Policy

Reckless Travelers by way of Wix collects public knowledge based non-sensitive information about it's users strictly for the purpose of optimizing the users experience on the Reckless Travelers platform. Reckless Travelers adheres to the Wix privacy policy guidance, which is the only third party organization that has access to the information in the capacity of the website provider. No other third parties have access to the Reckless Travelers platform without the knowledge of Reckless Travelers. Should these conditions change this privacy policy will be updated to indicate which third parties access user information, and to what capacity and purpose. Reckless Travelers reserves the right to update this privacy policy at any time.

This policy expresses to parties in the following as follows.

Reckless Travelers Admin: Blogger(s), editor(s), writer(s), Domain owner(s) Other admin roles designated by the domain owners by way of the website provider.

We: Reckless Travelers Organization

Provider: Refers to Wix.

Third party organization(s): May include the provider.

Reckless Travelers: Refers to the Reckless Travelers organization for the purpose of this policy and the organization only. For the purpose of this policy it does not refer to the members.

Member(s): Refers to users who have signed up on the Reckless Travelers platform(s).

Users: refers to those who have interacted on the Reckless travelers platform in any capacity.

Patrons: Those who jave interacted on the Reckless Travelers platform(s) in any capacity.

Reckless Travelers is here to help plan an experience you’ll never forget. Founded in 2019 and established as a functional organization in 2020, we are a premier Travel Organizing Agency, Centrally based in Kampala Uganda and operated throughout the US and Africa. We take care of all the details so you can get straight to the fun. Get in touch to learn more.

All of our patrons who opt to have their travel organized directly by Reckless Travelers, suborganization(s), or other network members, know as we express in this policy that we are bound by US policy, laws, and guidelines for privacy and security. We take this into consideration on an international scale. Public events are hosted on the Reckless Travelers platform. Members who participate, please be advised that photo's videos and all intellectual property hosted under the Reckless Travelers name and on the Reckless travelers platform are expressly considered intellectual property of the Reckless Travelers unless expressly released in writing. They are by which may be used publicly in the proper manner by Reckless Travelers and may be found and used on all Reckless Travelers platforms by Reckless Travelers admin.

Reckless Travelers (suborganization) Association, listed and partner organizations are their own separate entities and are under no ownership or legally binding contracts with Reckless Travelers.

Reckless Travelers updates it's listing regularly for public viewing and referencing of partner organizations in but not limited to Continental Africa. All patrons are advised. Travelers are most likely pioneering African organizations other Reckless Travelers have not yet utilized and are highly encouraged to leave honest reviews with photos for other travelers. Payment efficiency, promptness of communication, customer service, security, privacy measures, safety, and overall trip quality of listed and partner organizations have not not been fully  assessed by Reckless Travelers.

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