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Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct

Reckless Travelers is a safe community based platform. All users are required to abide by the rules and standards set forth here in the following numbered points of rules. Users who violate these rules will be subject to review and removal from the platform in all places.

1. All members arrive with the expectation that this is a safe environment where members will not have the expectation of abuse of any kind. All members will be protected from objectionable content.

2. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. Members will be protected to the extent of the authority of this platform from all forms of discrimination based on the basis of Race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, political beliefs, and disabilities. No matter where members stand on these basis, it is their freedom of will to be unrestrained or unencumbered by another member or admin. Violation of this rule is expected to be reported. If reported to the Reckless Travelers admin, this will lead to the violator being permanently removed from the platform if they are found to be guilty of violations.

3. Members have an expectation of freedom of use of their accounts. Thus, admin, bloggers, and any member holding a position that allows for activation, deactivation, or removal from different areas on the app or website are not allowed to do so without the member's consent. Only authorized Admin App owners may do so, and only with the consent of the Reckless Travelers site owner(s). Violation of this rule will lead to a warning and corrective measures will be expected to be taken by the member violator. The member violator takes full responsibility for these violations where this abuse of capability of account use may occur. Multiple violations will lead to a downgrade of the member's account or removal entirely.

     While there are many things members can do on Reckless Travelers, it is the aim of the app to provide and entertaining experience with planning travel, especially for groups. It is here to also expand users understanding of traveling to different parts of the world and variety in planning travel vacations. Many elements can be added and uploaded in real time. This includes blogs, group travel planning documents (no sensitive documents allowed), photos, videos, voice recordings, private groups, public groups, and forum posts of all of the above. We ask that you make the most of your experience and use the platform in a safe manner how you see fit as it relates to travel.

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