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#Oilcityfest2023: Bunyoro Kitara's finest Easy P of 'Nduga Bunyoro' hit is set to perform that day.

It will be a Saturday of 23rd of September 2023 when the Oilcityfest2023 will happen at the Uganda Museum showcasing Bunyoro Kitara culture and heritage.

It will be a fun filled event with lots of food, drinks and cultural exchange engagement among the fest attendants.

We are very excited to learn that Bunyoro Kitara's golden boy Easy P of 'Nduga Bunyoro' hit song will be performing that day alongside other artists from the region.

This year's theme will be promoting Hoima oil city as Uganda's number one travel destination and business Hub, as we await the World Tourism Day celebrations in Hoima on 27th September, during the Explore Bunyoro campaign that will kick start on 26th September this year.

Let's all be there.

Grab your oilcityfest2023 ticket by clicking on this link :


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