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Uganda: RecklessTravelers is with Thomas Kaizer Muzinya, A tour guide from Tulambule Rubirizi.

Here are story tales of a beautiful transparent lake from Kaizer, a Tulambule Rubirizi tour guide.

The transparent lake is just situated at the outskirts of Queen Elizabeth national park in western district of Rubirizi. This virgin, fresh seemingly abandoned but untapped Transparent lake called Kamunzuku is a must visit to all fun hunters. Transparent lake is believed to have spiritual abilities to heal. This lake is perceived to have healed tough gonorrhea infected people. This has been approved reliably by locals from neighboring communities who have been healed. Many who are sick come and dive into the lake. The transparency of the lake is so clear that one does not requires any marine gadget to see the bottom of the lake or see fish but only open the eyes look into the water. Tulambule Rubirizi Love for nature brought us.

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