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Traveler's Health: How to stay healthy as we continue exploring our beautiful endowed country.

Please make sure that you have the following with you in case of symptoms: Zinc (up to 50 mg daily) Vitamin C (up to 4,000 mg daily in divided doses) Ginger Garlic (natural antiviral, antibiotic) Onions (quercetin) Honey Lemon or lime Turmeric with black pepper (blood thinner, anti-inflammatory, pain killer) Aspirin (anti platelet, helps with blood clot inhibition in the lungs) Vicks Decongestant cough medicine Panadol or Acetaminophen (pain killer) Avoid Ibuprofen. Nutrition to support immune system & provide vitamins/minerals: Green leafy vegetables (sukuma wiki (kale, collards), cabbage, dodo, nakati, nsuju, etc .. half a plate or more at every meal. Protein (such as beans, fish, eggs, gnuts, etc ...) Other plant based nutrients such as pumpkin, carrots, matoke/banana, irish potatoes, yams, etc ...

Add fruits (pineapple, oranges, mangoes, passionfruit, lemon/lime, etc ...) for more vitamin C and other nutrients Avoid: Alcohol, soda, fast food, processed foods, sugar, cakes, donuts, biscuits, high refined carb diets such as heavy posho and heavy rice or wheat products, heavy meat intake (cause inflammation), substitute with more lightly cooked vegetables and clean mixed salads (onions, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, beans, cauliflower, **avocado**, etc...dress with olive oil, lemon, mustard, garlic) Hydration: clean water, tea masala spices have a healing effect, chicken brooth/ vegetable soups, etc ... Fluid intake 1,000 cc a day. (check with your doctor if you have cardiac issues that limit fluid intake) Hygiene: The usual washing hands with soap and water frequently, alcohol based hand sanitizer, social distancing, mask (double mask) over the NOSE not the chin, Don't forget the n95 mask if affordable and available, it's the best. Oral Hygiene: clean your mouth and tongue at least twice daily, gurgle with salty water, change your tooth brush frequently, steam inhalation. Lung hygiene: when congested have another person patt the back to loosen mucus while the patient's upper body is lowered, most effective after steam inhalation. Deep breathing exercises 10 times every hour or two while awake increases oxygen capacity and minimizes lung collapse and Pneumonia infection Rest/sleep at night is important in the healing process Melatonin 3mg to begin with helps with sleep. Don't stay in bed all day if possible, you'll avoid DVT (deep vein thrombosis) dangerous blood clots **Monoclonal antibodies**, if available, will cure Covid when administered only during the first phase of infection as soon as symptoms appear. If the Government can invest in this treatment many will survive. Yes, it's expensive but grassroots Microeconomics will not be able to sustain Macroeconomics when manpower is dead or physically disabled, economy will collapse. Rebuilding is painful and takes years.
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