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The 5 Ws of Reckless Travelers

How did Reckless Travelers come to be?

I hope you don't mind if I get personal and talk directly to you, the reader. That's the kind of person I am. Reckless is a reflection of that from me and my wife, Julie. It's a manifestation of dreams come true. It's one of many steps for us to see the world, and what better way to see the world than through the eyes of others. Reckless Travelers is a platform where we encourage everyone to come together in sharing their travel experiences in forums and various other ways on our platforms and present opportunities to create new travel experiences by way of tours and other means that can contribute.

J-Travels stands as a contribution to bridging the gap between people of the African diaspora and the people of Africa in travel experiences by providing a blueprint on how to share the experiences of our lands on all ends. Provide your fellow men and women safe passage when they arrive at your home town by way of tours planned and orchestrated on the platform. This has been in practice all throughout in Africa. Credit goes to Uganda for their exemplary tours. I love to give honorable mentions to their tour guides and travel destinations that you can find featured on our platform at any time. Reckless Travelers is what happened when my wife and I put our dreams together, and hopefully we will bring together many more.

Why did Reckless Travelers come to be?

Honestly, I'm a world Traveler. My wife Julie is a travel enthusiasts who has more recently started traveling. We're both big on travel. I get the ultimate travel experience when I'm in Uganda, and I feel like more people need to have that experience, and not some overpriced, almost mythical type of travel to Africa that is advertised by most agencies. I have realized all of the obstacles to traveling to Africa, all I've misperceptions that are intentionally peddled from different organizations for their own reasons. This is where people get together to share the real deal. we knew that the actual expectations and requirements needed to be shared on a wide scale. This is how we're choosing to do it. We know we will need help from the public to get the truth behind travel to Africa out, but the truth is the minimum that can be allowed before the people of the African diaspora should travel to Africa. Without it, we risk overpaying, loss of morale in our trips, a lack of safe passage for those who may be vulnerable, and we risk having the overall belief for too long that it is not worth it to travel to Africa or that we should put our money towards travel elsewhere. when I go to Uganda, they don't tell me welcome to Uganda. They say "welcome home, brother." As an African American, you just don't get that experience anywhere else in the world. The rest of the world has no reason to give us this experience, Africa does! It'stime to open the next chapter in the story of Africa's global reach as we enhance what it means to see the motherland.

Who is Reckless Travelers made of?

Ugandans, significantly make up the majority of Reckless Travelers. Traveling in their unique manner, they cultivate a safe environment to share upcoming trips which everyone will share in one way or another, whether you are the traveler, or the audience on the RT platform. Trips by car, bus, or plane are planned out months or weeks in advance so everyone has an opportunity to choose which trips they want to partake in. Details are shared of room and board, activities, and transportation availability. Having this platform leaves to knowledge that these trips are watched closely, and aid can be rendered if anything out of the ordinary occurs. So now you know, Reckless Travelers is a make up of many valuable people. Every person's life is valued and contributes to the beauty of

Where is based out of?

Uganda and the United States. Uganda did not approve the name Reckless Travelers, and it does not represent them in any way. The story behind that name is one in its own, but it was available in the United States where I acquired the copyrights. The official name is J-Travels Ltd. Which is registered in Uganda. Thus, Reckless Travelers is a product of J-Travels Ltd based out of Uganda. Our client base however is not limited to Uganda. We're taking this thing world wide!

When did come to be?

Reckless conversations are of ideas. In 2019, dreams were some of. In the midst of living those dreams was birthed into existence from the genius of Mrs. Julie Crawford. And it's been on a roll ever since. Constantly improving everyday.

What is Reckless Travelers?

Reckless is a platform centrally generated on and a number of social media platforms. It is the medium usable for all other Reckless Travelers to showcase to the world their contributions to the lives of the Reckless Travelers who wish to be patrons of their venues and services.

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