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Safari Rally: 2021 is such a great year of exposure to the local Rally drivers in Kenya and Africa.

The 2021 World Rally Championships to be held from today Thursday 24 June to Sunday 27th June in Naivasha, Kenya and the locals will have a great opportunity to interact with the international rally power house... This will greatly promote tourism and hospitality in the East African region of Africa. #SafariRallyKenya

Catch all WRC safari rally action on KBC TV or online on Wed 23rd - Shakedown Thurs 24th - SSS, Kasarani, Nairobi Fri 25th - Naivasha day 1 Sat 26th - Naivasha day 2 Sun 27th - Naivasha day 3
Also live on KCB Channel 1/DSTV Channel 270 Super stage is about to start
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