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CULTURE & TOURISM: Friends of Reckless Travelers Invade Fortportal to Bring Home Queen 'Karungi '

On 29, October 2021, all roads led to Uganda's famous tourism city, Fortportal in Kabarole district. This was in honour of one of our beloved friend and Reckless Traveler, Mr. Lule Joseph, as he traditionally formalized his marriage to his one and only long time lover, Karungi. The sky was smiling throughout our stay in FortPortal. This was a true definition of, "Love Doesn't Ask Why....."

Mr. Lule, Wife & friends of Reckless Travelers:

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lule.

Anyway, since it was a Friday, everyone set off at any time of their convenience to our destination, Fortportal town. As usual, I set off with my travel mates, Nina, Faith and Allan at 7: 00am East African Time and our chief driver was Faith. ".......... Faith, you should join car rally competitions, I'm sure you can beat Rajiv on this one. ha ha ha......" Just kidding.! Our trip was very amazing and exciting with stop overs in Mityana and Mubende. Our first stop over was at Makanhill Hotel in Mityana for breakfast, 200 meters off the main road .

Makanhill hotel:

We arrived in Fortportal at 2:00pm East African Time and immediately started checking out a number of hotels around town. These include Mountains of the Moon Hotel, Night Rose Hotel, New Fort View Hotel, Stay City Hotel, Relief Hotel, West End Hotel and Standford hotel. The worst Hotel with the worst customer care among all the hotels we visited, was City View Hotel. Later, we had lunch at Gardens restaurant where I met the Ugandan minister of Tourism, Hon. Tom Butime for the first time and we had a one on one interaction. I'm so humbled to have met you sir.

Beautiful views on Fortportal highway:

Much later, we settled in our specific hotels. However, I was so overwhelmed by the number of travel friends who had turned up in support of our dear brother Mr. Lule Joseph, mukwano gwa bangi as he was set to honour his cultural and traditional norms the following day. "...........Thank you guys for showering our brother with Endless Love and support on this journey called LOVE." On the Do day, Saturday, the 30th of October, the guests that turned up for Mr. Lule's function exceeded the invited guests maximum number. This left some of us turning into tourists for the day. As the chief Reckless Traveler, I took over my designated duty. We visited very many exciting sceneries in Fortportal which included the Crater Lakes at Top of the world Hotel and the historical sites of Nyakasura Falls and Amabere caves next to Nyakasura secondary school. Then later, we joined the rest of the crew for the after party at Kalya courts. Tourism sites in Fortportal:

On Sunday we all gathered at Karo Karungi off Kamwenge Road for brunch and later set Off for Kampala at 1:00pm. Very beautiful place with a nice ambience. I highly recommend it.

Karo Karungi:

"Fortportal thank you for having us, we really had a great time." Special regards to the family of Mr. Lule Joseph, The People's Chairman Patrick, Biina Butabika Kirombe fraternity (BBK), Bweyogerere community and every one who turned up for the love of African culture and Tradition. Our next stop this month is Buyende in Kamuli for the same cause. God bless you all. Kabarole District Background:

Kabarole district is located in Western Uganda at road distance of 300 km from Kampala the capital city. It has an estimated population of 318,216 (census 2014) and a population growth reto 2.3 per annum. The district lies at an attitude 1300- 3800 m above sea level. Its borders with Bunyangabu, Ntoroko, Kamwenge, and Kyenjojo...........

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