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World Tourism Day in Unprecedented Times

From: Hon. Col Tom Butiime - Minister of Tourism, Wildlife, and Antiquities

"We celebrate this year’s World Tourism Day in very unprecedented times, amidst a pandemic that is raging in its second year and has caused a lot of damage to the tourism industry. The impact has manifested in multiple lockdowns, travel restrictions, increased morbidity, and loss of life. These conditions have led to the loss of revenue, jobs and threatened the survival of the industry. This year’s theme is ideally timed to contribute to the debate on tourism’s contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which places a high priority on local participation. Indeed, the recovery of the social-economic fabric of many countries will depend on the role of tourism to breathe life in the local communities by distributing the much-needed income and social engagement." - Hon. Col Tom Butiime - Minister of Tourism, Wildlife, and Antiquities Read the Honorable's full launch speech on the UTB website:

World Tourism Day is scheduled for the 27th of September under the theme Tourism for inclusive growth” in Uganda. Around the world themes can be chosen separately. Reckless Travelers is excited to participate, and promotie Uganda and tourism around the world as stated by the Minister of Tourism himself.

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