WHEN IS THE NEXT TIME/ FLIGHT?? Hungry Domestic Travelers bomb Vilakazi SafarisUG with questions.

It was a Sunday, 1st of May when Vilakazi Safaris Uganda and Uganda Airlines made history in uganda's domestic tourism books. Vilakazi Safaris gave an ultimate experience to every traveler at subsidized ticket prices to fly in the Bombardier CRJ900 as one of the creative and exciting ways to see more of Uganda's beautiful landscapes.

Reckless Traveler herself on board

When you look at Uganda's domestic tourism sector mode of transportation statistics, 95% cover road, water and railway transport. But this time round, vilakazi Safaris is here to make us enjoy what's uniquely ours as we fly in the Bombardier. Travelers flew From Entebbe and traversed to Kabale, to Kasese, to the Rwenzori region, to Jinja and back to Entebbe in what we called a Joy Flight with the crowned people's domestic travel captain of the day, CLIVE OKOTH who really made our flight joyous as we got lost and found from the blue skys of the pearl. A special thank you to Mr. Oketa and Vilakazi Safaris Uganda team for making this Domestic tourism debut flight a success.

Captain Clive Okoth

Mr. Oketa with the team Set off time was 10:00a.m East African time from our meeting point, Rumours bar Bukoto opposite heights apartments. We took the Entebbe express Highway to the airport and boarded the CRJ900 at exactly 2:00pm. As I was observing travelers on board, I realized that no one was afraid of what could go wrong but everyone was happy and super excited about what's next. From take off moments, to space moments, to landing moments. Every moment was 100% worth every penny. For travelers like us, we always take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. Take a very close look at these joyous moments in photos courtesy of Vilakazi Safaris.