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Western Uganda Independence Day Getaway

*Breathtaking 3 Lakes, 4 Hotels Luxury Experience* L. Mburo, L. Bunyonyi & L. Mutanda; Kigambira Resort, Igongo Country hotel, Birdnest and Gahiza Island Resort

*Take a luxury independence getaway for only 825,000Ugx* Breathtaking Uganda goes to Western Uganda with Hon. Bahinduka MSTWA Four days and three nights of pure luxury hotels and resorts in western Uganda *Day One, Thursday 7th October 2021* Take a breathtaking experience of super luxurious experience through the Equator, L. Mburo National Park and have lunch at Kigambira Safari Lodge. Do a boat cruise on Lake Mburo. Then tour the deep and insightful Igongo Cultural Centre and Country Hotel. Sleep in pure luxury at Igongo, take a dip in the swimming pool there or have a go at the expansive health club as you wine and dine on western Uganda’s best cuisines such as kalo and eshabwe with pasted meat. *Day two Friday 8th October 2021* Have a nice breakfast at Igongo country hotel. Visit the eclipse monument of 1520AD. From there drive through Mbarara town onto the rolling hills of Kabale and have a stopover at the Great Lakes Museum on the Ntungamo-Kabale highway. Have a late lunch at the legendary Little Ritz in Africa hotel in Kabale Town. From there head to the historical Birdnest Resort for check-in. After checking in and freshening up, return to Little Ritz for dinner as well evening entertainment with hostesses from Kabale and Rwanda. Departure to Birdnest Resort to sleep at leisure. *Day three Saturday 9th October* The Minister and his entourage head to Kisoro via L. Bunyonyi to Gahiza Island on Lake Mutanda for a camping experience. Take a boat trip on L. Mutanda to explore Skelton Island and hike to the Peak of Mutanda Island, enjoying breathtaking views at an extra pocket-friendly fee. Visit a community of 200 people who are yet to see civilization. On your way back, stop at the Batwa community for a cultural experience. Remember to pack an unused piece of cloth for the Batwa if you can. The team that remains in L. Bunyonyi will wake up and have breakfast at leisure at Birdnest. After breakfast head for the obstacle challenge as well as ziplining on L. Bunyonyi. After ziplining do a tour of the different islands on L. Bunyonyi. Have a late lunch at Birdnest at 2.30pm. One hour siesta/free time and then at 4.00pm head out for the sundowner luxury boat cruise on L. Bunyonyi. Evening from 7pm the team heads back to town at Little Ritz in Africa for a full-blown barbecue dinner and Independence night entertainment with hostesses from Kabale and Rwanda including silent disco and bonfire. *Day four Sunday 10th October 2021* Both teams meet for a late brunch at Birdnest Resort at 10am. After brunch, the whole team heads back to Kampala. Arrival in Kampala is estimated to be around 5pm. The package is 825,000Ugx for Accommodation and meals for 4 days and three nights at Igongo, Birdnest Resort and Gahiza Island Kisoro Transport in a luxury four-wheel drive bus. All activities covered include - L. Mburo game drive - Boat cruise on L. Mburo - Igongo museum experience - Dinners and Accommodation - Great Lakes Museum tour - Kabale evening tour and early night life tour - Luxury sundowner boat cruise on L. Bunyonyi - Tour of the islands on L. Bunyonyi - Boat transfer on L. Mutanda - Silent disco *N.B: Zip lining and quad biking are optional activities paid for separately outside the package rate * *For bookings call +256776222262 or email* The State Minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiques Hon. Bahinduka will be the Chief Traveler on this trip and legendary tour guide David Bakeine will be our tour guide and Gahiza Island host Doreen Mulenga will be our host in Kabale town while Charlie Kalyango will be our host at Birdnest.


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