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'We are outside' with the Mighty Reckless Travelers on 19th Feb at Botanical gardens Entebbe.

I'll be there for the Reckless Travelers Meet and Greet.

19th February 2022

Hello good people, We have been in touch with each other for a while now. Thank you for this true feeling of togetherness throughout these hard times. It's with great pleasure that we meet, make connections with each other and celebrate how far God has brought us. Don't miss out the 'We are outside' aka Tuli Wabweru version of The Reckless Travelers Meet and Greet at botanical Gardens Entebbe on the 19th of February at only 75k per a person inclusive of Entrance fee, Berbeque, Refreshments (2Beers), Photography, Birding, Entertainment and a tree seedling. Feel free to carry your seats and drinks. Come and chill with Uganda's big domestic tourism lovers and Travelers. We shall all be there.!

Disclaimer: Reckless Travelers is a wonderful travel lifestyle based community. You can sign up as a member of Reckless Travelers and make requests to the Reckless Travelers Developers. Feel free to join us on our social media platforms by following the links below.


FB Group: FB Page: You can also reach us by; Email: Business: +256752630302 Business: +1-408-618-2527

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