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Urban Growers Collective and Loose Leaf

The brother who defies all stereotypes like a rose growing their concrete. From the concrete jungle of Chicago, Illinois, Darion has been recognized for his great achievements in urban agriculture. From implementing science into self sustaining ecosystems to year-round city crop harvesting, he continues his dedicated path all while keeping it really real in the city. There's no need to assimilate when you run the show. He's been the culture, part of the culture, and developing the culture. Agriculture, horticulture, and Chicago culture is what he's embodied. He remains one of Chicago's most important assets. Don't take our word for it. Check out Chicago "Urban Collective Growers" in the excerpts below.

Urban Growers Collective:

"Monday’s have got nothing on Darion. This wise-cracking wizard shows-up and works ridiculously hard everyday, and we’re so appreciative. Fun fact: Darion was in our first year round Youth Corps program 15-years ago, back when we were Growing Power. Now Darion is an instructor for both our Youth Corps Program and Grounds for Peace Adult Job Training Program. Go out and crush it like Darion today, y’all! #staffprofileoftheweek #blackfarmers"

Another excerpt from

Urban Growers Collective:

"Darion Crawford Urban Farmer & Instructor

Darion Crawford (he/him) has been farming since he was 16-years-old. He began his journey with agriculture at Marshall High School in Chicago, where he studied farming, and was chosen to be one of the first 15 year-round students of the Growing Power Chicago Youth Corps in 2006. After graduation, Darion began working with Growing Power Chicago as a youth corps and adult-job training instructor. Darion also led workshops nationally for Growing Power in hoop-house and aquaponics construction, as well as large-scale composting.

Darion left Growing Power in 2014 to..."

In his free time, Darion, otherwise known as Loose Leaf, does his fair share of traveling all while maintaining a low profile. From Las Vegas , to Atlanta, to Miami, we're in belief that his travels have only begun. Great things are soon to come from this Reckless Traveler.

To learn more about the Urban Collective Growers go to UrbanGrowersCollective.Org and check out the rest of the team. They have much to offer from job opportunities to great reasons to visit Chicago and learn more about the greener side of the urban jungle.

Reckless Travelers

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