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Uganda's finest Travel King & Friend to Reckless Travelers in a Traditional Entanglement with Wife.

Mr. Okella and wife, Faith.

CULTURE & TRADITION: I have been told that Busoga kingdom is a land of beauty queens and I never believed not until I set foot in the Kyabazinga land. This time around, friends of Reckless Travelers with great solidarity accompanied Mr. Christopher Alex Okella, one of the greatest and finest travel kings that Uganda has ever had to Buyende, Busoga region to traditionally formalise his marriage to his one and only Busoga queen, Miss Faith Waida. This act of maturity portrayed true meaning of togetherness beyond family ties as friends and aquitances took over Kamuli and Buyende to cheer on their favourite travel King.

And the theme song was, "Yono gwe nalaba mu zi magazine by Zex Birangirangi." Indeed she was the one.

Departure photos:

....... Mr. Okella, when I grow up I wanna have great happy friends like yours

Just tell me what it takes...... On Friday 19th of November, everyone set off at their own time of convenience to our destination, Kamuli Town where we camped as we waited for the Do day. As usual, I set off the journey with my friends Nina, Faith and a new friend on the Block, Fred at 3:00pm East African time through Kayunga Road. We had a stop over in Jinja town at 2 Friends Restaurant for about two hours to have a meal.

At 2 Friends Restaurant:

I highly recommend this restaurant to travelers

We arrived in Kamuli town at 8:00pm East African Time and checked in to our specific hotels which included Century hotel, Aape hotel, Chambers hotel and Pentagon Hotel. Oh my God! I was overwhelmed by the turn up number of well-wishers that showed up in Kamuli with much zeal, loyalty and above all, LOVE in solidarity with the travel King. ...... Faith thank you for inviting us to Busoga land. Your people are so hospitable. We had fun throughout Friday night, and woke up in High Spirits the following day on the Do day, Saturday 20th of November it was. We were all very excited to accompany Mr. Okella aka Mr. Cheerleader to Faith's home in Buyende to honour traditions as required in the African culture.......... But this time around we were the ones cheerleading him. Hahahahahaha "Congratulations our cheerleader travel King." We wish you all the best.

Photos from the Do day:

After we returned from Faith's home in Buyende, we spent the whole saturday night jubilating and celebrating with Mr. Okella upon making his love life official with his wife Faith. Traditional marriage is legally accepted in Ugandan as a form of marriage.

Random photos:

Good luck on this journey Called Love that you've officially started.

We set off for Kampala the following day on Sunday at 1:00pm East African time and had a major stopover in Jinja before we headed back to our respective homes. I was having too much fun so I didn't get time to capture some cool moments.

Special regards to the family of Mr. Okella Christopher and Mrs. Faith Okella, The People's Chairman Patrick, Hi, Chairman I would love to be your manager, coz you make every occasion successful. Shout outs to Biina, Butabika Kirombe fraternity (BBK), Bweyogerere community, Ministry of Lands representatives and everyone who turned up for the Love of African culture and tradition.

Our next stop next month is Busia for the same cause. God bless you all.

KAMULI DISTRICT: Kamuli District is a district in the Eastern region of Uganda with a total population of 476,319 people per the National Housing census 2014. It's 112.4 km from Kampala which is a 2 hr 40min via kampala - Jinja highway.

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