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Uganda's crater lakes: Have you heard about the crater lake that features on the sh. 20,000 note?

Tooro Kabarole District and home of Fortportal the major tourism city in Uganda has a total number of 53 crater lakes. It entered the guiness book of world records as the local government administration unit with the most number of crater lakes oer square kilometre in the world.

One of the crater lakes , Lake Nyinambuga is so significant since it features on the 20,000 ugandan shilling note. The lake has a very mesmerizing and beautiful landscape. The lake is gifted with fresh blue water and its also surrounded with a very green vegetation filled with beautiful trees.

The lake was formed 1000 years ago as a result of volcanic activity due to intense heat and pressure to the upper mantle which was brought about by Geo chemical reaction and radioactivity.

Tourists love exploring this site because of the various activities they can engage in like nature walks, hiking, camping, sightseeing and swimming.

The night view of the sky is so breathtaking that you don't wanna miss out on this while at Lake Nyinambuga.

Here are some photos of the beautiful scenic crater lake.

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