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NABBANJA INVADED: On Friday 10th of September, Nabbanja's Kakumiro home town was invaded by tourists

As we continue to promote culture and domestic tourism. A group of friends from Mutungo and Bweyogerere who are affiliated with the Mighty Reckless Travelers stuck to their tradition of taking turns in visiting one of their friend's home everymonth, as a way of getting to know ourselves better. Last month we took over the Eastern, Tororo and this month things just got better as I hosted my friends at my ancestral home in Kamwanda Joy village in Kakumiro District.

Kakumiro Resort


On Friday 10th of September, all roads lead to the Mid-Western part of Uganda, Kakumiro District, Kamwanda Joy village. We set off from Kampala at 2:00pm East African time in a convoy and everyone was excited about the road trip to Nabbanja's area code. As law abiding citizens, we followed presidential directives and SOPs. Each car had a total of 3 passengers and had major stop overs in Mityana town and Total, Mubende town. I was thrilled by the over whelming number of loving friends that turned up and am still grateful up to date.

"Thank you for showing me much love my people..."

Stop over photos

We arrived in Kakumiro town by 7:00pm East African time and checked in to Kakumiro Resort which is owned by Hon. Nabbanja the current Prime Minister.

The local people call her "Majegere" as her nickname. We noticed that she's dearly loved by locals in her home District for being a down to earth and cheerful lady with a very huge sense of humor.

While in Kakumiro, we were cheered on and welcomed by the locals through out our stay. Hon. Nabbanja made a phone call to one of the care takers at Kakumiro resort to talk to us and these were her words....... "Thank you so much for visiting us in Kakumiro, am so humbled...." Those words melted our hearts and made Kakumiro an unforgettable trip.

On Saturday 11th September, we conquered the famous historical Semwema caves.

Semwema Historical Caves conquerors


The historical caves are about 2kms west of Kakumiro trading centre. Apart from being a tourist attraction, it is also an active shrine of the Bachwezi. The cave underneath the rock can shelter/ accommodate 200 people.

Climbing the rock was one of the fun and incredible activities that we participated in.

Passing through the meandering dark small tunnels of the caves was worth the adventure.

Here are some of our beautiful fun filled memories in photos. Take a close look to see how much fun we really had.

While in Kakumiro, Kamwanda Joy village, we socialized, danced, ate and took alot of refreshments. The whole weekend of 10th - 12th September was a full blast.

Kakumiro is a small town full of life and my friends were really so grateful for the hospitality and life style in Kakumiro. We celebrated my sister, Nangooba Jascent and a friend Opiyo Joel who joined this world on 11th, September.

"Happy birthday to them."

On a special note, I'd love to thank my father, Mr. Mukwaba John Baptist for your kind hospitality. And may the good Lord bless you.

Shout outs to Chairman Patrick, Leader Chris aka Don C, Vice Chairman Thomas, Nina, Faith, Prof. Gilbert, Uncle Mike, Allan Devoice, Olanya Martin, Chris K, Uncle Fire, Mr. Nyakahuma, The Obace Foundation, Kenneth aka Jamit the hunk, Prisca, Faith Okella, Opiyo Joel, Steve aka Sloppa, Anitah Tumusiime, Shibah, Stella, Humphrey, Pax, Mr. Muko and our LC1 Biina nabakyala @ Mama Brenda.

Thank you all for honouring my invitation to Kakumiro.

Im looking foward to joining the next Rotate trip to Lira as Patrick and Thomas will be hosting us on 18th December.

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