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The Boss Life (Boss Mutoto's)

The Boss life does not allow for walking in a straight line.

When you live the life as a Boss, nothing is going to be laid out for you. You have to take the pieces of life and put them together in a vision all your own. Nobody understands that better than Boss Mutoto. I attended Boss Mutoto's establishment as a restaurant, where my wife and I enjoyed DRC cuisine (Democratic Republic of the Congo) in Kampala. It's a rare find in Uganda and has just upgraded to an even more rare find of an establishment as it goes through what looks like a rebranding phase. Now a salon where the Vibes of the old Boss Mutotos is still alive with bat and versatile area for enjoyment still exists, bar included. A day business by day, and a night business by night, a creativity only a real Boss can comprise. If you want to go to Boss Mutoto's next time you're in Uganda, you're going to have to ask the locals to point the way in true Reckless Travelers fashion. We'll see you out on the adventure grind!

Boss to Boss, keep on your grind Boss Mutoto. We at Reckless Travelers see you. We respect you, and we support you. Get us hustle on!

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