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Taking Trips to Africa. What You Should Know.

Reckless Travelers are prominently African, but for those of us who wish to connect with the motherland, it can be a challenge. It's a challenge well worth the rewards that follow. There are numerous travel restrictions. The continent is fraught with violent activity and corruption, but no more than any other continent. It can be scary due to it being a place full of endless new experiences and many unknowns. The beauty of Africa outweighs the negative in the end. Now, how do we face the many obstacles when traveling to Africa?

Start your trip to Africa by doing all the research you have to. A few questions to consider. What are my airlines' health safeguard requirements for flying to each country? What are my airport checkpoint requirements for entering each country in visiting? What are my job's requirements for traveling? Until you know the answers to all of these questions, it's best not to make any promises or obligations on traveling to Africa. Check out the following excerpt from The New York Times.

"FOR American travelers, one of the biggest expenses of any trip to Africa, whether a South African safari or a beach holiday in the Seychelles, is simply getting there. During high season most flights cost $2,000 or more round trip — in coach — and require stopping or changing planes. And while a few airlines, like Delta and South African Airways, have been adding more convenient routes, fares have continued to rise. “They’ve typically been going up a... (get the rest of the article from NY Times here.)"

No matter how much planning and research you do, you can't make it to Africa if you can't pay for the trip. It's best to pay for your flight as far out as possible, as the closer your trip is, the higher the cost. This can sore beyond your average Americans expense range quickly and without warning. For this, we recommend paying for your flights as soon as you know you want to travel, and get insurance. Changes can happen unexpectedly no matter your level of certainty.

If you ever have any questions about planning your trips, feel free to reach out to your travel community. There's no question too small or too big. And do not rely on only one source of information for your travels. As you go you will run into different languages and barriers that may require you to make adjustments you've never had to make before. For this, we suggest going armed with as much information about your trip as possible so you don't have to make too many decisions on the fly.




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