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HOT PLATE: Sexi Speed Rally in an entanglement with Domestic Tourism as a form of SPORTS TOURISM.

Sports Tourism is the act of traveling from one locality to another with the intention of being same way involved with the sporting activity or event. Sports Tourism includes attending sporting events such as rally races, It also includes visiting historical places at the Event's location.

SEXI SPEED RALLY Today, MOSAC hosted the official launch of the Sexi Speed Rarry which will take place on the 26th and 27th of November this year 2021. Very Many dignitaries attended including the vice Chancellor of victoria University, Dr. Lawrence Muganga The launch was officially graced by the, 2021 kabalega Rally Champion, the one and only speed controller Mr. Rajiv Ruparelia. This particular rally took place on 23rd october 2021 in Bunyoro Kingdom. #VisitBunyoro.

Photos from the event:

The Kabalega Rally Champion mentioned that when such events take place they boost domestic tourism in the following ways; ● Sports tourism encourages tourists to visit the area where the event is being held. ● Sports tourism helps to create exposure and enhances the local community. ● Sports tourism creates economy growth through fans and Travelers booking hotel rooms, eating in the restaurant and shopping in local shops. ● Sports tourism creates jobs for the local people when people visit the event place. While at the launch, all guests had so much fun from great entertainers of all times. The young talented Fresh Kid and Fellister the SuperStar who both attend school at Kampala Parents, and Kampala's finest YKee Benda.

The official sponsors of the Sexi Speed Rally are; 1. Victoria University kampala Uganda 2. Premier Recruitment.

Photos from the event;

Reckless Travelers point of view: Tourism and sport are interrelated and complementary. Both are powerful sources of development. Simulating investments in infrastructure projects such as roads, hotels and restaurants for the local population as well as tourists who come to see them.

The RECKLESS TRAVELERS would love to call upon everyone to attend the Sexi Speed Rally in Jinja on the 26th and 27th of November. Don't miss out visiting beautiful historic places like the source of R. Nile, Busowooko Falls and Itanda Falls. Shout outs to Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team and all the Rally fans in Uganda and across the world.

Cc: Minister of Tourism, Hon. Tom Butime

Cc: State Minister for Tourism, Hon. Mugara Martin.

With the Kabalega Rally Champion.

"Greetings from RECKLESS TRAVELERS."

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