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Sports tourism in uganda

Sports tourism is one of the fastest growing form of tourism world wide where a number of adventurous people move from one place to another to view or be part of a given sports activity. Many countries worldwide have embraced the idea of sports tourism and usually benefit a lot from it especially during extensive sports events like the Olympics, soccer and many other international sports.

When you look at Uganda, it is not just a place for unique wildlife experiences especially with gorilla trekking and wildlife safaris viewing unique wild animals like, the big five in Murchison falls national park or mountain gorillas in their natural homes – the forested mountains. The pearl of Africa has also proven to be a number one sport tourism destination because of the different exciting sports tourists engage in while on their visit. There are a number of tourism sports held in Uganda some of which include,horse back riding, Golf, Basketball, Sport fishing, Marathons, white water rafting, Bungee jumping and so much more.


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