Reckless Travelers - Interview With New Admin, Nataya: What are Your Thoughts on Travel?

Nataya: You have got to travel as much as possible, because there are so many differences in other places. When you go to other places you have to open your mind to how others live. Once you’re able to do that then you will approach going to new places with an open mind that appreciates these differences. It makes you want to know even more about other cultures. You’ll also become more curious about and tolerant of different cultures. A huge part of traveling is to increase our depth in general. Many of the articles that we do on Reckless Travelers really promote the ideas of traveling to various different places; factors such as knowledge, physical health, mental health, spiritual health.

Reckless Travelers: So when it comes to traveling to different places, and its impact on you specifically, what are your thoughts on that idea.

Nataya: I think it frees you because we are so engulfed in our own perceptions, our own way of living, and our own cultures. Not only does existing in our own limited environments makes us less tolerant of others but it also traps us into assimilating into what we're used to. In our cultures we do what we're used to doing because it’s what we know. Whereas, many times what we are used to isn’t compatible with who we really are inside. That’s why you have a lot of people inside of their cultures feeling out of place. It’s because their culture doesn't really fit who they are inside. Once you get out and start traveling and seeing different kinds of cultures, it helps you to imagine yourself being fully who you are. You’ll see that there are so many different ways to exist other than what you know, and apart from what you grew up learning. Basically, it frees your mind to be more true to yourself and to find your place in the world even if you figure out that your place in the world is exactly where you started out. If this is your case and you realize that you have always been exactly where you needed to be, after traveling to other places you’ll have a better understanding of why you belong there.

Reckless Travelers: So, when you travel do you feel like people in the new place are staring at you?