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OPEN BOOK: Hon. Martin Mugarra and the Reckless Travelers serve us Tourism & Travel as an open book.

Reckless Travelers team & Hon. Martin Mugarra

Earlier today, the co-founder of Reckless Travelers App and other Reckless Travelers travel wave platforms alongside her team mates visited the office of Minister of state of Tourism, Hon. Martin Mugarra and Mr. Umar to throw more light to the Domestic tourism sector.

We officially introduced the Reckless Travelers, its goals, objectives and strategies in line with Destination Uganda brand to the honorable minister.

From left to right is Julie Crawford, Hon. Martin Mugarra, Amanda Kamanyi, Faith Kyasimire and Okella Christopher aka Don C.

Minister's office There was a lot to discuss basing on the key strategies on how to continuously increase domestic tourism traffic in Uganda and Indeed, we are so proud to be part of this journey that will boost our country's economic growth statistics.

As Reckless Travelers, we will continue to provide different platforms to all stakeholders in the tourism industry to be able to share ideas and also run campaigns that will see domestic tourism statistics hit the bar high. Besides that , my team and I were carried away by the minister's unique personalities of listening, sense of humour, Friendliness, two way communication, level of interaction and above all humbleness. This reminds me of my father Mr. Mukwaba John Baptist. Disclaimer: Reckless Travelers is a wonderful travel lifestyle based community focusing on marketing Uganda as our number one travel destination. You can sign up as a member of Reckless Travelers on the website and make requests to the Reckless Travelers Developers. Feel free to join us on our social media platforms by following the links below. Reckless Travelers App FB Group: FB Page: You can also reach us by; Email: Business: +256752630302 Business: +1-408-618-2527

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