OMG: This year's Christmas came so early for Travelers. Our Hearts Shall Forever Remain in Lira.

Yes, we were hosted in Lira by very loving and caring friends of the Great Reckless Travelers at Rtd Brigadier Gen. Waccha's home in Boroboro Village and at Engineer Orwech's home. This was in honor of the new Reckless Travelers Tradition of making turns in visiting our ancestral homes as one way of promoting Domestic tourism and travel as well as cultural Integration. Indeed, life hits differently when you got good and happy friends on your side.. Ladies and gentlemen I hope I'm communicating. Are you a traveler? Do you love traveling? Come and taste the true feeling of togetherness. All you have to do is become a good friend to the Mighty Reckless Travelers.

Road trip photos:

Reckless travelers top 5 reasons why travel is important for you. 1.Travel makes you happier 2.Travel let's you Disconnect and Recharge 3.Travel exposes you to new things 4.Travel makes you physically healthier 5.Travel relieves stress and anxiety.

And its Number 2 for me.! 17th December to 19th December 2021 was the Lira weekend plot. In great excitement, we all set off at any time of our convenience for our destination In Lira. The unstoppable trio (Nina, Faith and me, Goodgirl the Reckless Traveler ) were big time part of the team. We hit the road by 1:00pm East African Time and had stopovers at Kafu where we met a military personnel serving in the UPDF Afande Okech who asked us for a lift up to Lira town. We were so obliged to grant him one. And these were his remarks, " I have never met such happy, good and vibrant people in my lifetime. Thank you so much for having very good hearts."

Kafu Photos: