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Mission Trips in Uganda

Uganda hosts some of the world’s most mesmerizing wildlife species from the Big 5 to the Mighty Mountain Gorillas, the spectacular landscape that is comprised of Mountains, rolling hills, Impenetrable forests, Waterfalls, Savannah grasslands among others indeed reveals that what Sir Winston Churchill said about Uganda being the Pearl of Africa is true!

But in most cases to get the real understanding and picture of the country is when you really get to know the people by associating with them through different ways; some tourists go for cultural/community tours in different parts of Uganda, others come on volunteer basis as missionaries.

Are you are a Christian traveller planning to go on a mission safari to Uganda? Or are you coming on a Christian camp or retreat, Christian crusade or conference? May be, you simply want to visit Uganda for Ministry work as a way of partnering with some churches. Are you a Volunteer? Do you wish to go to Africa for a mission trip especially Uganda but you are not certain where to start from?

If you are a Christian missionary your denomination doesn’t matter, what matters is your heart towards the people you want to reach out to. You also get a chance to experience missionary-life in Uganda as well as take part in working with the churches and local communities hence making them better places to be.

Uganda as earlier mentioned is a blessed natural beauty hence a great missionary trip should not only include community or mission outreaches but also different activities such as nature walks, gorilla trekking, camping, wildlife tours, hiking, bird watching among other activities. Therefore as you plan your mission journey to Uganda, on your itinerary you could have outreaches to different places first and crown it with a 3 days safari to any National Park in the country and a city visit may be for shopping things like souvenirs and crafts.



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