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Jungle Man UG, Travels spectacularly

Jungle Man of Uganda is identified to us as one of Uganda's premium level tour operators and travel connoisseur. The below is an excerpt from the legend himself complimented with some display of his travel work.

Jungle Man UG:

"Nyakahondogoro caves is one of the biggest caves in western Uganda that is still less visited and unknown to many Travellers. It's located along Mbarara - Fortportal road via Ibanda before Ruhoko Hospital.

According to the locals, they believe it is the source of super healing powers and that all the Bachwezi in the world came from this cave and later split to other parts of world.

Inside the caves you will be able to see a young girl aged 25 who grew up in the same cave ,and it's where she stays. It's said she is one of the Bachwezi daughters and that she possess natural super healing powers and people always gather around her to pray and get healed every Wednesday and Friday Night .

She has powers to see whoever is coming towards and inside the cave even when she's not near the entrance to the cave because the cave is too big as it covers both Ibanda district and Buhweju District .

It's said she can interact with you in all languages minus English because Bachwezi denied her to speak it .

When you visit the cave, she will take you through all rooms inside the cave while explaining why the cave has alot of rooms among them being the dinning room where The Bachwezi used to gather and eat dinner ,Meeting room where all Bachwezi in the world still gather to share natural powers ,healing room ,etc..

In dinning room you will be able to find Millet baskets , meat sauce in well designed bowels and it's believed that if you try to eat one those meals inside the cave, you will remain there or you die immidiately or you will never speak again.

While at this cave , you will get a chance to visit Mukazi anyaara falls locked in Mugarama Ibanda and Bwahwa hills. It's called Mukazi Anyaara ( sounding funny) meaning "a woman that urinates" because of the way it splashes water the same way women do while urinating and having sex (according to locals )

You will be also taken around to near by attractions like Galts stone located in Ibanda town with an interesting story, Akayanja komugabe, Kijongo crater lakes etc..."


Jungle Man is a well respected, known, and dedicated traveler. You can find the link to his piece direct in the following:

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