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Jinja' s Top Tour Operators, top activities and top hotels.

Source: Jinja City Facebook Page.

GUIDE TO JINJA. THE ADVENTURE CAPITAL OF EAST AFRICA. Jinja has always been know as the adventure capital of East Africa due to the immense variety of activities available. Jinja is a must for daycations, vacations, honeymoon, partying etc Here is your guide to Jinja Activities to do in Jinja 1. Boat Cruises ; Jinja Sailing Club , Adrift Jinja Uganda 2. Horseback: Nile Horseback Safaris 3. Nile SUP and Hammock. Nile SUP 4. Nile Tubing . Tubing the Nile , Source Of The Nile Tubing , White Water Tubing 5. Kayaking: Nile Kayak Club , Kayak the Nile 6. Quadcycling : All Terrain Adventures 7. Sight Seeing : Adventure Network, Kempten Safaris, Jinja Tours and Safari 8. Camping : Kali Hill Jinja. , Nile it - Resort and Campsite , Nile River Explorers , Nile Nest , BP Training Centre & Campsite - Buwenda and Nile Park 9. Rafting : Jinja Adrift Campsite, Uganda , Nalubale Rafting Uganda , White Nile Rafting 10. Swimming : Most Jinja City Hotels and Resort

Top tour Operators 1. Jinja Tours Uganda 2. Adrift 3. Adventure Network 4. Advanced Tours and Travel 5. Jinja Tours and Safaris 6. Kempten Safaris 7. Rounders Tours and Travel 8. Orogu Tours and Travel Limited 9. Ibis Tours and Travel 10. Emma Tours jinja

11. Tuzunge Uganda

12. Tubing the Nile

13. Expert River Tubing

Top Jinja Hotels 1. Igar Plaza Hotel 2. Jinja Nile Resort 3. Nile Village Hotel & Spa 4. Samuka Island 5. Lemala Wildwaters Lodge 6. Source of the Nile Hotel - Jinja 7. HOTEL PARADISE ON THE NILE 8. The Haven Jinja, Uganda 9. The Mansion Hotel Jinja 10. Holland Park, Jinja, Uganda 11. KingFisher Safari Resort 12. Source of the Nile Suites 13. Signature Hotel Apartments, Jinja 14. River Bend Resort 15. Surjios Guesthouse & Pizzeria 16. Impala Suites 17. Victoria Breeze Apartments 18. Marina Lakeview Apartments Jinja 19. Nile Hotel Jinja 20. The Tourist Bay Hotel Jinja Uganda

21. Tusubira Village Cottages

Tusubira Village Cottages

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