INTERESTING: Does this really sum up?? "Travel in conjunction with Mental Health Awareness"

Yes, and here are the Reckless Travelers top 5 reasons why Tourism/ Travel is good for your Mental Health. 1. Activities like cycling, driving, walking and hiking in scenic places can help you become more hopeful. What could be more stress relieving than having beautiful views of magnificent sceneries as you cycle, walk or hike to adventurous destinations with hope.

2. Travel gives you opportunities to try new things and meet new people, helping you combat monotony. Travel helps you connect with people in all aspects and this helps you to reduce biases and on the other hand it also helps you to increase your empathy towards others.

With Nina, Amos Wekesa and Faith

3. Doing something you enjoy makes you happy. This helps you create and contribute to your own happiness. 4. A wellness trip can contribute to stronger mental health. Activities like mindfulness, meditation and interactions help you learn skills that can help you keep up a regular wellness routine every where you go. 5. Travelling with loved ones helps meet your needs for love and belonging. Remember, Maslow's hierarchy of needs identifies love and belonging as key psychological human needs. On that very note, I was thrilled and delighted to join my friends Nina, Faith and Olanya Martin to celebrate World Mental Health Day which happens every 10th of October. It was organized by Andrew of #KyangaGaali Initiative in partnership with KKCA, Critical Mass Kampala, Ctrl Uganda and Rozaho Bistro restaurants in Kololo and Naguru.