I WILL REVENGE: Kagunga Barham, Ethel K, Aka Dap, Aggie, Paul and Brian on JungleMan's revenge list.

My Friends Just Took Me on a Surprise Birthday Trip to FORTPORTAL! Here's Jungle Man's birthday surprise story. My friends just took me with them on a surprise birthday trip to Fort Portal for my birthday!!! How cute is was ! Look at the amazing photos.

Jungle Man and his friends:

Last Tuesday, one of my friends surprised me by telling me that for my birthday, he was whisking me away. The only information that he would disclose is that we were departing the next day on Tuesday, and that I had to pack some few jeans and T shirts . I was soooo excited and surprised about this treat he was to give me! On Tuesday he called me while at office that before going, he would want us to discuss some business and the best place would be in his car which was parked outside office. "Bring your bag too" he told me. I followed him to the car only to be welcomed by joyful, funny friends shouting " Surpriseeee. They later told me we were going somewhere and off we drove. I didn't know my friends were totally great at pulling off magical, mysterious, romantic schemes like this without ever letting on. The surprise destination? Fort portal - Amabeere Ga Nyina Mwiru waterfalls . It was marvelous, beautiful, magical, dreamy and fun. Thank you Kagunga Barham , Ethel K Owens Aka Dap ,Paul , Aggie and Brian. I will forever be grateful.

ust wait for his revenge party. Here's a little Fort portal atmosphere.

FortPortal Photo memos: