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Hotel house keeper returns USD 10,000 recovered from tourist’s room in Kalangala

Joan Nansubuga

As the saying goes, if you want to be trusted, be honest! Joan Nansubuga 26, is a house keeper at Brovad Sands Lodge, Kalangala District. She recently found US$ 10,000 left behind by a client in the room and she returned the money.

An employee of Brovad Sands Lodge, a fascinating tourist destination in the Ssese islands for the past six years is described as an epitome of hard work and reliability. “Away from the pride she has left Brovad with, she has also been a swaddle leader of all house keepers. With a wealth of experience, she believes in true things and building brands,” says Rashid Kiyimba, the Chief Executive of Brovad. She now joins the guild of a handful of the honest Ugandans working in the tourism and recreation business that thrives on reliability, trust and hard work. Some of the tourism and hotel operators in Kalangala and at the National scene have proposed that Nansubuga becomes an ambassador and also be rewarded.

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