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Hiking in Uganda

Mountain climbing destinations in East Africa

Mountain climbing is one of the few things that people who are adrenaline hungry go for and what better way to do than grabbing a bag and traveling to East Africa to enjoy the exercise. East Africa is made up of six countries which include Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi and all these have various mountains that one can climb to kill stress.

The East African community has a lot to offer when it comes to mountain climbing and hiking and one should no miss the opportunity. You get to go to the Mountain of the moon and experience the snow caped john Speke peak, the Kilimanjaro Mountain with the glacier cape, the Elgon Mountain and her slopes and many ore other countries.

There are many tourist companies that can help you when it comes to organizing a mountain trek in any of the East African countries and these have different charges that normally depend on the time that you want to take on the trekking trip. You will be accompanied by a guide who knows the best routes that lead to the summit of the different Mountains and note that not all the countries that are found in East Africa are good for a mountain hiking adventure and therefore you should know the different Mountains that are good for climbing.find more @


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