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First Ugandan interactive collaborated Travel App is here. Its The Reckless Travelers App.

It has been a long wait and finally The Reckless Travelers App is here. It's a result of a smooth collaboration between Myself and my husband Sterling Moody Crawford to start up this incredibly amazing app. CLICK on this link to download the app from Play Store: Take a close look at what it features.

HOME: You can post random Adventure photos and videos using the homepage.

GROUPS: This is my favorite page on the app. You can create your own group of Travelers and share great travel tips with members of the group Or even organize trips.

RECKLERS: These are the people on The Reckless travelers app. You can meet new travel buddies by checking out who is on this app then you can follow them by hitting the follow button.

RECKLESS GALLERIES: Under this page, you can create your own adventure gallery of adventure photos and videos. Anyone who opens this page can go through your gallery.

TALK RECKLESS: This page contains articles from Reckless Travelers contributors. We consider them as our news feeds on Reckless Travelers. You can become a contributor by signing up with and make requests to the admins to become one. Anyone can always read through the articles to get inspired to travel.

Disclaimer: Reckless Travelers is a wonderful travel lifestyle based community. You can sign up as a member of Reckless Travelers and make requests to the Reckless Travelers Developers. Feel free to join us on our social media platforms by following the links below. FB Group: FB Page: You can also reach us by; Email: Business: +256752630302 Business: +1-408-618-2527


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