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Did you know that Travel can help in the management of Non Communicable Diseases? (NCDs)

Here's my submission.

On 15, October 2021, I was invited by my friend Nina under Family Rescue Initiative (FRI) Organization to attend a workshop in Queen Elizabeth National Park organised by the one and only people's doctor, Dr. Kenneth Mugisha of TASO. The workshop theme was; Integrated management of HIV, diabetes and hypertension.

La' team

Diabetes and hypertension arexamples of non communicable diseases (NCDs). The term NCDs refers to a group of conditions that are not mainly caused by an acute infection. These conditions include cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, asthma and chronic lung illness.

The main common causes for Non communicable diseases include four major risk factors. Tobacco use, physical inactivity, harmful use of alcohol, poor diet like high consumption of sugar, salt, and saturated fats. These non-communicable diseases have been a catalyst of death among HIV patients due to lack of knowledge on NCDs management and support.

Control and Management of NCDs One major way to manage and prevent Non communicable diseases is by reducing the major risk factors such as tobacco use, harmful use of alcohol, unhealthy diets and physical inactivity. Another major way is to Travel.

Here are the reckless travelers top 5 travel health benefits. 1. Physical fitness:

Activities like nature walks, hiking, and swimming help to escalate your physical fitness routine. While we were at Munyanyange Caves in Queen Elizabeth national Park, our mentor Dr. Kenneth took us for nature walks and hikes along lake Katwe. This really improved our blood circulation thus reeducing hypertension risks. Here are some photos of all the wonderful nature walks that we took while at the workshop.

The main activity carried out at Lake Katwe is salt mining.

2. Improves Heart health:

Travel decreases risk of heart disease. A heart study which was published in the American journal of epidemiology back in 1992 found that women who had few vacations less than one every six years _ were twice as likely to have a heart attack or coronary death than women who had a couple of breaks each year. Here are some of our photos taking a chiller break at the beautiful Munyanyange caves with my friend Nina and Phiona.

Munyanyange caves:

3.Travel Relieves stress:

Taking a game drive in beautiful national parks and chilling your life will melt your stress away. Visiting Munyanyange caves by Lake Munyanyange and a queen Elizabeth national park game drive did not leave us the same. Study has found that your stress levels stay low even after you've unpacked.

Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda.

4. Travel makes you happy:

Travelling keeps your mind off of daily stress at work or home and boosts your happiness. The excitement of going to new places and meeting new people makes you happy. Take a close look and see how happy we are on our trip.

Buffalo Resort Restaurant, Mbarara.

5. Travel Lowers risks of depression and helps you live longer:

A study from Marshfield clinic in Wisconsin found that women taking a vacation at least twice in a year are less likely to suffer from depression than those who don't. I strongly believe that travel will 80% help you manage and prevent non communicable diseases (NCDs). The time is right now to start on your travel plans. Thank me later.

While in the workshop we were hosted at the Magnificent Munyanyange caves in Queen Elizabeth National Park, overlooking Lake Munyanyange, famously known for harbouring flamingos. Special thank you to the management, for making our stay memorable. Big ups to Condy Tours and Travel, Angella Thembo and Condoleezza Nyamisanga Thembo. Special shout outs to everyone who attended this workshop. Dr. Kenneth Mugisha, Ms. Mukunde Penninah, Dr. Mofat Nyirenda, Dr. Vincent Kalisa, Dr. Ouma Simple, Dr. Mbusa Patrick, Tugume John Bosco, Mutesi Fiona, Byarugaba Leonida, Faith Tumuhairwe, Jim Arinaitwe, Sserwanja Joseph, Twinamasiko Judith, Muhwezi Ivan, Dr. Open Abraham, Hassan S, Natukunda Pamela, Christopher and Alex. It was great meeting all of you people. We look forward for better days and great works. God bless all of You. Adios!

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