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Culture and Tradition: Do you know your friend's ancestral homes?

My name is Julie Crawford and here's my story.

As a way of promoting domestic tourism, The Reckless Travelers are taking on a challenge to know their friends better by taking turns in visiting their fellow friends ancestral homes every month.

We have been through so much with friends through out this pandemic period and most of us have felt the urge for togetherness. Its just polite and fair to get to know the roots of our dear friends.


This month on th 13th, all roads were leading to the East, Tororo, Apokor village.

We were hosted by one of our dear friend Mr. Alex Okella aka Don C and the wife.

We started off our journey at 12pm East African time. Since we were observing SOPS , we were only three people in the car,

My friends Nina, Faith and I.

We had amazing stop overs at Najjembe, shell Jinja at Java House , Total Iganga and Total Nagongera in Tororo.

It was really a fun filled road trip and a journey to remember.

We arrived in Apokor village at 10pm East African time and settled in. We camped our tents in the compound and this hyped up the party vibe. We participated in many activities, cleaning and cooking among others.

I was so excited to see how people in Apokor village were very organised while setting up their homesteads. This really hit me hard with a feeling of togetherness and a sense of belonging.. and because of that, I am hosting my friends to my ancestral home in Kakumiro next .

I cannot measure how much fun i had in Tororo, Apokor village.

I just want to pass a big shout out to Mr. Alex Okella and wife for showing us much love.

Tororo will forever be at our hearts.

Thank you.

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