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Culture and Religion affiliated with Education systems: Have you heard abouth the Al'Azhar mosque.

Al-Azhar mosque is the largest international Islamic religious and scientific institution in the world and the third oldest university in the world. It is an institution that includes a mosque, a university, religious institutes, and an observatory for fatwas. It was built in 969 AD in Cairo, Egypt.

A beacon for spreading moderate Islam in the world. Tens of thousands of students from all over the world co

me to Al-Azhar to learn the moderate religion, not the extremist one. Al-Azhar also sends thousands of imams to all countries of the world to spread moderate Islam.

Al-Azhar has institutes affiliated with it in countries other than Egypt, such as Indonesia , Malaysia , Pakistan , Nigeria , UAE , Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, India, Palestine and Jordan.

Al-Azhar has a president who bears the title of Grand Imam. No one has the right to remove him from his position and to be received in foreign countries by the reception of presidents. He will be replaced after his death by a person approved by the senior scholars and sheikhs of Al-Azhar

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