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Coach Ken on the Chase for Something Better Than Medals

I train to chase doctors, not medals.

~Coach Ken

From Dream Chasers Magazine

There is nothing else that brings bliss and happiness and being declared a "winner." To be professed as a winner you must have gone through all the hustles and the hubbub. It is common habit to... .. . Watch the video from Dream Chasers Magazine here.

Coach Ken is the founder of Caldwell fitness and is a Reckless Travelers Featured partner on the Reckless Travelers Association Board.

Reckless Travelers is a wonderful travel lifestyle based community. You can sign up as a member of Reckless Travelers and make requests to the Reckless Travelers Developers. Feel free to join us on our social media platforms by following the links below. FB Group: FB Page: You can also reach us by; Email: Business: +256752630302 Business: +1-408-618-2527


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