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Chicago's Truly Sunday speaks for itself, but we've got something to say too!

Truly Sunday was birthed out of the belief that quality health, fitness, and comfort should be inclusive. This brand seeks to empower people of all fitness levels and all body types to become warriors that push to be their best in every aspect of life. Thrive. With Style! We welcome you to become a #TSwarrior.

In the land of opportunity, the greatest opportunities you can afford yourself are the ones that keep you able to do what you love. From the founder of Like a Girl Fitness and partners, Reckless Travelers would like to introduce to the scene Truly Sunday. Fitness has always been an inorganic subject to promote in the world of travel, because you want to minimize your risk of health complications when out in the world as you never know what resources will be available where you go. From fitness on the callander to fitness on your body, Truly Sunday has the life enhancing goods you need!

Chicago is a Reckless Travelers featured travel destination. If you visit the big city, leave with topnotch women's warrior wear from Truly Sunday and an intense burn from Like a Girl Fitness. You or your significant other will surely love it. Remember, it's made for all body shapes and sizes, so let your confidence reign. Also, get a chance to meet one of Chicago's most experienced fitness coaches/instructors. Reckless Travelers, calling all TS Warriors!

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