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Chicago's Top Stylist

Tru Hair Lyfe has a long history of representing Chicago well in fashion!

Tru Ann has been a power house in the fashion industry for years, from hair to nails. Check it out, in true Reckless Travelers fashion, Tru Hair Lyfe has taken Tru Ann to heights in the fashion industry unmatched by most Chicago stylist and nail technician. Tru Hair Lyfe carefully designed and executed fashion, in eloquent fashion represents excellence in Black culture. Take a careful look. The CEO is also an avid traveler in her business. He pioneering in her business the way she does is why we welcome her in the Reckless Travelers community as a shining example of what Reckless Travelers community member can aspire to. Keep wrecking the game for the imitators and haters by being the greatness that you are! Check out True Hair Lyfe LLC new talent on IG. Disclaimer:

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