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How to Travel Like a Reckless Traveler

You're probably wondering "what makes a Reckless Traveler so special?" A Reckless Traveler has done everything to have no fear of travel. We do our research. We've had the experience with mistakes. We let our wanderlust guide us. Fore, new lands abound. We travel, learn, and adventure.

That said, let's get down to brass tax. You have to get pass the scrutiny and bureaucracy of using your vacation days at work. For some, it's more complicated than others. Or, you can just say "f*ck that job." However you do it, there are a few things you wanna know once your mind is set. First question is "where do I start?"

The first and most useful tool in your arsenal is probably in your right hand right now. You have it all day, use it. Choose your favorite travel app. Outside of the US, I've found Kiwi is a good one. From the US, Orbitz. This is no endorsement. So, you've checked your bank account statements. You've checked ticket prices to that place you wanna go. You've come to a sound conclusion that "yeah, I can afford that in a few months or so." Now, it's time to do some planning.

Now that you've started planning, I implore you please don't be a backpacker. It's so annoying when bums try to look rich. Just handle everything beforehand, from the plane tickets, to the hotel rooms FOR THE FULL STAY, to the transportation. Yes, you need transportation when you get back to your sorry life of no longer being on travel, even if it's just gas money. Now that you've planned the bare minimum, let's get into the elephant in the room, CORONA VIRUS!

Let's be honest, you're inhibited by this bullsh*t virus floating around. "Should I get vaccinated? Maybe." "Should I travel unvaccinated? Probably not." Since you're gonna do it anyway, you're the wrong kind of Reckless if you're going unvaccinated, and most expert travelers would suggest you not do that. The airports will be harder on you than our judgemental stares and opinions. So, we safe travelers won't look twice when we see you've made it passed everything we normal people had to make it through. Just don't take that mask off. Along the way, you'll have to take a couple of tests for the virus that will have to be fully complete prior to your check in. One has to be read as negative within 72 hours of your departures. I place emphasis on departures because it has to cover all connecting flights. Have fun playing that game. Not everybody wins that game, and the airlines may play games with putting you in their systems as a no show. This could cost you a whole new plane ticket. That's more incentive for you to not fail at this. The second test is within hours of the flight. Actually call the airlines at least a week ahead minimum for full details. It's best to be sure.

Let's face it. Corona virus causes a great deal of headaches, but you can't do a thing without a certain little list of the basic document requirements. You'll need a passport to get started. I'm not going to get into the nitty-gritty details. You know who you have to deal with on that, the government. Ask one of our representatives, and maybe we can point you in the right direction. The next thing you have to address are the vaccinations that absolutely are required, the ones people are making much less a stink about because they feel like those ones were done right. Have your yellow cards handy. Ask your doctor about it. is up for reference on these matters. Lookup any country vaccination requirements, except for Corona virus of course.

So now, if you have yourtransportation and plane tickets paid for, room and board, vaccines/ vaccine card and corona virus tests, there's a good chance you'll go through your trip without skipping a beat. Don't miss your flight! To a Reckless Traveler, this is easy business. We even get into the details of comfortable clothing, but we'll get more into that in another article on Basic Travelers to Reckless Travelers. Safe travels!


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