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African Adventures

Do you want to explore Africa?

Welcome to Africa, for your adventure, there are best safaris in Africa and Africa is mostly a green continent that produces about 60% of world’s oxygen, hence a home for a number of wildlife, fantastic culture, welcoming people, beautiful landscapes and many others. The best time to visit Africa tends to depend on wildlife – with May to October being popular months in the game-rich plains of East and Southern Africa. In the north, the desert winters are chilly and the summers hot – spring and autumn are much more pleasant. To get to know Africa best,you only need to visit our page.

Quick Facts About Africa

  • Continent Size: Second largest in the world.

  • Estimated population: 877 million people.

  • Largest Country: Algeria – 919,595 square miles (was Sudan, 968,000 square miles)

  • Longest River: Nile, 4,160 miles.

  • Largest Lake: Victoria, 26,828 square miles.

  • Tallest Mountain: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, 19,340 feet.


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