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At J-Travels Ltd., we strive for complete customer satisfaction. Founded in Kampala, Uganda in October of 2019, we utilize our industry experience, vendor knowledge and longstanding industry relationships to ensure every travel experience surpasses our clients’ exacting expectations.

No matter what sort of trip you’re thinking of, you can be sure that we have the expertise to make planning it a breeze. So, whatever your travel needs, we’re here to help. Give us a call today to receive a free consultation from the best agents in the biz.

Mrs. Julie Crawford is the favorite of the Reckless Travelers, which comes as no surprise. Birthing the Reckless Travelers from scratch when it was only an idea, she made herculean efforts to bring her and her husband's dreams as world travelers into fruition by bringing about the Reckless Travelers platform, later establishing it as a business under J-Travels Ltd.  Since then, no matter the client’s requirements, she has handled their travel planning quickly and efficiently with her vast knowledge, experience, and vast network developed throughout her life in Uganda. As a Kampala native, she has always been sure to provide her Clients the best Uganda has to offer! Mrs. Crawford is overall in charge of Reckless Travelers media, creative content, image, advertisement, and social expansion.

Mr. Sterling D. M. Crawford is then lead website developer, creative content editor, and business directional manager. This is his stake as the cofounder of Reckless Travelers and J-Travels Ltd. Reckless Travelers makes it money through partnership affiliations, event organizing services, and memorabilia sells by various means. Mr. Crawford is overall in charge of Reckless Travelers financial background, financial expansion, and cyber oversite and development.

The overall plan for Reckless Travelers is to build the bridge between Africans and people of the African diaspora, by promoting tourism in Africa and highly African influenced travel destinations. It is a well known fact that people of the African Diaspora have been marginalized throughout the world and heavily adversely impacted by poverty and neglected on the generational wealth spectrum. Part of what changes and highly impacts the persona of people in these disadvantaged predicaments is exposure to the world. Opening minds for people of all backgrounds is heavily effected by travel. The earlier you start the greater the chances of building resilient minds that will contribute to the ingenuity that will affect change in the communities they come from.

Reckless Travelers dares to affect change through travel. It is our aim to create wealth funds through a non-profit organizational structure to specifically to sponsor providing free travel to disadvantaged and troubled youths and young adults who want to see a world outside of their own. This will show them a different perspective and what their world can look like. This is not something we want to provide to those who win a contest or are academically inclined, but those who are disadvantaged. This is not a program we want to provide only to people who fight for it or are in a position to pay for it. We would rather offer it to those disadvantaged and willing to participate.

This plan will be enacted to start by crowd funding where it is available. proceeds will initially go towards sponsoring one or two young adults on a Reckless Travelers sponsored trip event as it is available. While trips will not be built around those fund raisers initially, when the funds to sponsor persons are gathered, the trip will be arranged and paid for on behalf of the chosen youth or young adult. It is our hope that the will have no out of pocket expenses throughout their trip.

Reckless Travelers was developed and created in October of 2019 before being brought to social media. It now has been registered as a product of J-Travels in Uganda. J-Travels is registered and based out of Uganda. Reckless Travelers is registered and developed under J-Travels, thus it is a sub-organization of J-Travels, although it is registered in the US. Reckless Travelers, a product of J-Travels is managed and orchestrated in Uganda and the US. All other sub-organizations of J-Travels will be managed in the same manner.

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